More info about our process:

*We're starting by focusing on family/children but Let us know if you're interested in another type of shoot. 

The idea is to capture the personality, the quirks, and essence of someone[s] you love over a few hours, a whole day, or even over a year. 

 And to do it in living color.

Here's how the process looks:

  1. First you select the package that's right for you. 

  2. Inquire, and we'll send you a page with details and questions. 

  3. With our ".a day." and ".a year." packages we'd love meetup and strategize the session goals/plan in person. 

  4. The session happens you come away with a priceless video that beautifully captures some of those things--that look, the sound of her voice, his laugh, the way she says that word--that you love so much and want to preserve for the long run.